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Beginner’s Kit

Includes 140 high quality pieces!

Specially Designed for Beginners and Students.

A Great Bundle price

225.00 ر.س

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This is our specialized kit designed by our team for beginners who just don’t know where to start at exploring the Arduino and DIY universe. We made it easier for you. This kit include every essential basic component that you need get familiar with in addition to more complex modules and sensors suited for beginners, students, and educators. However, you don’t have to be a beginner to buy this kit, you may just be professional looking for a great deal. Well you found it!


This kit includes 140 Pieces:

1 x ORIGINAL Arduino Uno Rev 3 SMD

1 x Arduino Usb cable (a-b cable)

1 x 9V battery plug for Arduino

1 x Seeed’s Studio original PIR Motion Sensor

1 x Temperature Sensor

1 x Infrared Sensor

1 x Servo Motor SG90

1 x DC Motor and a diode

1 x Plastic Fan Blade

1 x Active Buzzer

1 x push button

1 x 4 bit display module

1 x Breadboard 830 points

1 x Bread board power module

5 x Female to male jumper wires

65 x Jumper Wires set (male to male)

3 x 2N2222A Transistor

1 x RGB Led

10 (2*5) x LEDs (Blue – Yellow – Green -Red _white)

1 x Photoresistor

1 x Potentiometer 20k Ω

40 x Resistors ( 8 different values 10k, 1m, 100k, 1k, 100R, 220R, 470R, 330R, 5 pcs each)



Note: All our Arduino modules are original. In additions all our sensors are original and high quality.

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