MOSFET N-CH Transistor

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N-channel 600 V STP24N60M6

  • Configuration

  • Applications
    • Switching applications
    • LLC converters
    • Boost PFC converters
  • Features
    • Reduced switching losses
    • Lower RDS(on) per area vs previous generation
    • Low gate input resistance
    • Zener-protected
  • Max. parameters
Symbol parameter value Unit
VGS Gate source voltage ± 25 V
ID Drain current 17 A
IDM Drain current pulsed 52.5 A
Ptot Total power dissipation 130 W
RDS on drain-source on resistance 190 m ohm
VDS Drain-source voltage 600 V


Cabling & Coding

Cabling Vedio:





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MOSFET N-CH 600V 16A datasheet


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