Photodarlington Chip Silicon

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850nm 3-Pin TO-18

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  • Configuration


  • Features
    • Enhanced temperature range
    • have a narrow receiving angle that provides excellent on-axis coupling
    • bonded base lead that enables conventional transistor biasing.
    • Moderately fast response times.
  • Application
    • Punch-card readers.
    • Security systems
    • Encoders – measure speed and direction
    • IR detectors photo
    • electric controls
    • Computer logic circuitry.
    • Relays
    • Lighting control (highways etc)
    • Level indication
    • Counting systems
  • Max. ratings
parameter value
Collector-Emitter Voltage 15 V
Emitter-Collector Voltage 5V
Continuous Collector Current 50mA
Power Dissipation 250mw


Cabling & Coding

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Photodarlington Chip Silicon 850nm 3-Pin


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